Sweet And Simple Watercolor Florals For You To Try Today

In this video I am sharing instructions for painting loose watercolor florals that you could paint today. Super simple to paint and perfect practise for boosting your confidence without drawing them first. You don’t have to have a background in art to paint these and you do not know how to draw them either.

The first step is to not think about how your painting would look like but rather how you are going to move your brush to complete a flower with messy lines,ovals or dots.


Supplies used:

Watercolor sketchbook by Strathmore

Princeton Heritage Round Brush No 10

Golden Maple Brush No 1

Winsor and Newton Watercolors Set for Sap Green, Intense Blue, Burnt Umber

For the flowers- mix of Scarlet Lake and Opera Rose


Watch the video below and follow along:

I used a very simple combination of pinks,red,greens and blues for the flowers, which kind of look like tulips, without overthinking it. The success comes down to the very simple color palette used. 

I started with the flowers first by painting loose flowers with 3-4 petals with a few strokes, allowing everything to merge. It needs to be fast and free and is a great way to practise your brushstrokes. Let it dry. We will use darker paint to add depth to these florals once they’re dried.

After that I used Sap green to loosely paint in the leaves with 1 or 2 strokes. 


I used Intense Blue to loosely paint in some Lilacs. While the lilacs were semi-wet, I painted in stems for the leaves and Lilacs with  Burnt Umber. Everything might look messy when you look at it. Don’t worry about the colors bleeding into one another, they will look pretty in the end. I also used a darker green Viridian Hue to paint in some darker leaves. I watered down the Intense Blue and painted in some lighter colored leaves as fillers.

 I used the Burnt Umber to add in the stamen in the center of the florals. I finished the flowers with more Opera Rose and Scarlet Lake paint to add depth to the florals after the first layer dried. If you feel you have a lot of white space left over, fill them up with some leaves or dots.

Have fun painting these loose fun florals. Frame it up, cut it up or use as a card to give to someone you love and adore.

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