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Getting into the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library

As a self-taught artist, I've always kept a sketchbook to doodle ideas, swatch paints and just sketch random stuff. I came across the hashtag The sketchbook project on Instagram around Nov/Dec 2018. It is a project by the Brooklyn Art Library where anyone can order their sketchbook and become a part of the library forever.

I was hooked !

What is The Sketchbook Project?

The Sketchbook Project is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects. They are a crowd-sourced library that features more than 45000 artist's books and the Brooklyn Art Library is their storefront . The artist's books are on view at the Brooklyn Art Library. I knew right away I had to get myself one and become a part of this amazing collection, I wanted to leave something, a part of me, for my daughter. 

Where and how can you view it?

You can view the sketchbook directly through this link.

Or you can view other sketchbooks through their digital library here. No sign in required ! My sketchbook has a call number of 362.8-10 if you do visit the library in person :-)

Every time someone views an artist's sketchbook, they receive a notification that it was viewed which in a way connects the artist to their audience.

How did you find out about it and why did you do it?

It was almost Nov/Dec 2018 when I ordered and received my sketchbook for their Vol.14. They send along a list of themes to start on or you are free to choose whatever theme you would like. The beauty of this project is that anyone can do it! Yes you heard me right, you don't have to be an artist to do complete it. Vol.14 was due on March 30, 2019.

I am quite a procrastinator and did not begin until the deadline was a month away. I chose the theme "City Streets" and planned to incorporate city streets I had walked on my travel and places I've lived. I was hooked!

It is one of the best projects I've ever done. It forced me to be creative everyday and keep an art journal (more on that later! ). I have loved every bit of this journey. I plan on doing one for 2019 but I plan on doing a collaborative project with my 4 year old daughter who adores her art supplies.

I am so humbled and proud that my sketchbook is now housed at the Brooklyn Art Library with a call number of 362.8-10. I will update this post as soon as the library has digitized the book. Sketchbooks are also going on tour throughout the country. I would love it if someone tagged me on social media if you happen to view my sketchbook at the library. Once digitized, I will receive a notification everytime my sketchbook has been viewed (woohoo!!)

I did scan my sketchbook before I sent it out. Do check it out and holler if you like it! Much love!

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