Caffe Ladro Showcasing Paintings By Pallavi Joshi

Great coffee and dynamic paintings a perfect pair at Caffe Ladro

I was so thrilled to have been featured in the local blog. It was my first showing of my art in a coffee shop rather in a public place for the first time, outside of friends and family.

Look up and you'll see a transformation at Caffe Ladro of Grand Ridge Plaza, the space is awash with dynamic, new artwork by Issaquah artist Pallavi Joshi. Known for its support of local artists, writers and musicians, Caffe Ladro is exhibiting Joshi's paintings all month, covering its high walls with abstract work.

A self-taught artist, Joshi uses use a variety of techniques to create her paintings. One of her favorite techniques is pouring acrylic paint directly onto the canvas and then tilting the canvas to complete the painting. Another favorite is the “dirty pour” in which she layers acrylic paints in a cup, turns the cup over the canvas, and lifts the cup off the canvas. Both techniques offer different layers of colors in a way that is indescribable.

“Most of the paintings on display at Caffe Ladro are from my depiction of my travels to Hawaii,” she explains. “The new artwork also reflects my inner persistence, resistance and flexibility. It is my way of breaking out of the box. I believe art is subjective and should be enjoyed by all ages. I paint to evoke a reaction from the viewer, whether favorable or not. It is that connection that I make in that moment with the viewer that gives me complete satisfaction of communication.”

You can read more at their blog here.

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