First Local Art Walk & Downloadable Art Fair Checklist

My First Experience In An Art Walk & Free Downloadable Art Fair Checklist for newbies

I had no clue what needed to be done when I applied for a local Art Walk while also displaying work at a local coffee shop. I had no idea what I needed and I immediately scouring Google to find a checklist of things needed when I was accepted to exhibit at the art fair in Issaquah.

All I could find in my research is checklists of art fairs/walks that are typically outdoors and it involves either buying or renting a pop up tent! Fortunately, I was assigned a space indoors next to an art gallery! You could imagine my anxiety and the self doubts I had to be displaying my art next to a local art gallery where I have never been accepted into :)

After I spent a good amount of time making my own checklist, I realised I only need a table and some command hooks! Yes those are life savers as I was able to temporarily install my canvases without damaging the walls in the space. 

My medium was fluid acrylics and I decided to do a live demo of small 12"x 12" pieces during the art show to gather a larger crowd outside of friends and family.                           

Live painting during an art walk is an entirely different ball game. It is not easy to do that as the people have a ton of questions that they have including do you have videos online or on instagram or youtube or on your website? When did you start? What medium is this? How did you get your paintings to be so shiny? What did you mix in your paints? 

My space was between an art gallery and a glass blowing studio. I just had to time my demo right. The staircase that you see in the picture to the right, was the only usable space I had to display my canvases.

It was my first time and a little disorganized but I did sell a few paintings and managed to package my artwork right the right time.

My husband kept my 2.5 year old girl busy in her stroller and her book and colors so I network and connect with potential art buyers. The whole experience was surreal and passed by too fast for me. 

Do you research thoroughly and don't go by any checklists. Always incorporate your own touch it but I would definitely recommend an art walk or fair to any emerging artist out there. Don't just wait for gallery calls. Get yourself out there! 

Free Art Fair Checklist

Click the picture to download a free PDF checklist for newbies who are thinking or signed up for their first art fairs. Hope this helps in preparing you. 

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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