My First Art Show

My First Art Show Ever

It was January 2017 around 11 am. I was at a local coffee shop with my daughter for some hot chocolate and coffee. I noticed something different about the coffee shop. Their walls were bare and had no paintings or artwork on the walls. I assumed since the walls were painted red, it was part of the decor. I inquired from the barista and was told that they have an artist roster and were waiting on the artist for that quarter to put up the artwork. 

Later that day, in a conversation with my husband, he managed to convince me to email the coffee shop and ask about the next availability for an artist and that I should put up my art on their walls.

The same year, I was given the chance June through August to display my art. I was ecstatic and anxious. I was dabbling in fluid acrylics at that time with a passion for abstraction. I had doubts about myself and my art.

My art was welcomed by the residents and everyone that visited the coffee shop. 


Artist Pallavi Joshi at Caffe Ladro

My artwork sold and the coffee shop even arranged a Meet and Greet for me with free goodies. It was my first time doing a live demonstration of my paintings. 

I was anxious and excited and doubted anyone would be there but was surprised by a small crowd waiting for me. 

I managed to complete a custom piece that sold on the spot. 


The whole experience of showing my art to people other friends and family was  exhilarating.

My first advice for anyone struggling with this fear is to just for it. Ever artist needs the opportunity to be able to display their work and also be able to talk to your collectors. It gave me more confidence to continue with art and to keep dabbling in various mediums and enhance my skills.

Keep trying, stay passionate and don't ever give up on your dream.

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