Freebie Friday - Undated Peony Weekly Planner From Pallo


As a small business owner, I've always used numerous planners and notebooks from various stores. Most of these planner pages were plain and simple. I had to doodle and sketch and write my own affirmations to make it my own. It was getting cumbersome. 

Late last year, I realised that instead of spending money on buying planners, I could just make my own to use. Some of the planners I have bought just didn't have enough space for everything or had just one page. But when if I created my own, I was able to print the number of pages I needed every week instead of having to rely on a limited set. Some planners had a lot of pages, I felt I wasted time in filling out duplicate information on multiple pages. I just needed something that was one page and gave me a snapshot of the week and look pretty :)

Now you'll wonder why do I need a planner?

Trust me ! Everyone needs one ! Here is why:

  • Helps with time management
  • Improves productivity (tremendously)
  • A place for records
  • Memory keeping

It's not too late to get planning for the year and setting your goals. I want to share this planner page with you and hopefully helps you.

The background for the planner page are hand-painted watercolor peonies, which I painted late last year.

I love hearing from you. So let me know if you love it by writing to me on email at or on social media. I'll be working on creating a matching monthly calendar for you while you check off your goals !

Printing tips: The file is a PDF document and can be printed on your home printer with a high quality paper. Size is 8.5"x11". If you have trouble printing this document, write to me!

Grab that planner here.

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