Skateboard for Non Profit

"Fierce" artwork for local nonprofit

In April 2019, I was yearning for something new. I wanted to paint something new, a new medium, a new canvas, anything to help me with my creative block. Lo! and behold I found it on Instagram. Would you believe that? 

I found a local art collective, Bruno B Art Collectif (amazing couple) wanted to raise money for a local nonprofit- The Austen Everett Foundation, by auctioning artist painted skateboards. I loved the idea as soon as I read about it and applied immediately. As soon as I received the green signal, Bruno hand delivered the primed skateboard to me at home.(Amazing !!).

It was going to be a non functional skateboard so I knew I could stretch my imagination and creativity a bit. I found an old sketch of this lady in my old art journals. I knew I had to paint her but I also didn't want it to be Seattle-specific. I wanted it to project the strength of women. So I got to work.


First a little background about The Austen Everett Foundation- They work to empower kids in their fight against cancer through the strength and support of professional and collegiate athletic teams. They give kids who are battling cancer, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become Honorary Team Captains.

I was able to complete the skateboard just in time for the sale in July at Lagunitas Beer Company in Seattle. With 49 other amazing artists, the event was amazing. My skateboard sold and was bought by Ingrid Sparrow, an amazing woman who added the skateboard to her collection. Love !!

The idea behind the art?

Fierce was inspired by Shakespeare's quote - "Though she be but little she is fierce" from "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The lady painted is shown as pregnant reflecting her tenacity like a barnacle and ambitions bigger than say Dolly Parton's hair. She is fierce and not vulnerable no matter what she does in life. Nothing can stop her.

Love seeing my art on the walls in real time. On the left is Bruno and Right is Ingrid who bought the skateboard.

Tools I used:

I used Posca markers to paint on the skateboard. And yes I glued plastic flowers bought from a local craft store and then varnished with a single layer of Art Resin . It took about 3-4 days for it to dry. If you didn't know what Art Resin is, it a clear epoxy finish that gives it a glass-like effect.


I feel fulfilled and complete. If you want to see some process videos, check it here. 

To the right is a handwritten card from June Leahy, CEO & Executive Director at The Austen Everett Foundation.

My daughter is in love with the skateboard and has made me promise her to make one exactly like it for her skateboard. Can't wait :)

 Handwritten card from June Leahy, CEO & Executive Director at The Austen Everett Foundation.

Pallavi. Skateboard in the background

Rough sketch before painting.



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